Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

How to Prepare Southern Cooking

The thing about southern cooking is that it is excitingly nutritious. The southern cuisine is greatly influenced by the Scottish, Irish, French, Spanish, English, Native American and African American ways of cooking. Cajun, Creole, and the fusion style Floribbean are some common examples of ways to prepare southern food.

Culture is part of everything in most areas of the south including food especially in places like Maryland, Ohio River, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma. In such places, the people simply love food choices such as grits and corn. Aside from their Choctaw brethren, other Native Americans like the Seminoles influenced the use of the deep pit barbecue for food preparation and this is something that is highly popular in the south.

When it comes to the south, people do love their flour, milk, and sugar. This is something that came about thanks to Europe. The South loves to have full breakfast in the morning, which is why baked products and dairy products such as bread and cheese are well received.

Aside from potatoes and peas, greens make up most of a southerner's meal and you better not forget the fried chicken. Expect also to see a piece of pie or a cobbler on the side for dessert. The south is where American soups like chicken noodle, lentil, and split pea came from.

Pies in the south usually contain apples or pecans while the kinds of vegetables that they eat include squash and okra. Aside from corn bread, biscuits are also preferred by southern folk and for salads, fruits or garden salads are popular. Food is enjoyed to a whole other level if the table has been set properly and this is why the table is very important to southern folk.

A southerner will not be happy if no corn bread is served. For southerners, kitchens always have baking bread since the people cannot live without corn bread. It is important for a southern meal to include biscuits, corn bread, or rolls.

The thing about corn bread is that it starts with flour plus baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Then, egg, milk (buttermilk) and liquid shortening are added. According to one’s preference, sugar may be added as well.

You will need about a cup and a half of flour to start you off then you have to combine this with some milk, eggs, and shortening. Mix the ingredients well. Put the mixture into muffin tins that have been lined with grease.

When it comes to the south, no corn bread is served cold. This means firing up the oven to 450 degrees. Aside from not using plain old flour in their corn bread, southerners also use cornmeal when the dough is placed on the skillet for cooking.

When it comes to the dough, it is important for the dough to be as thin as possible. Southern cooking has many secrets and this is one of them. Depending on what you are cooking, there are several tips that you can use for southern food.

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