Martes, Enero 24, 2012

Having To Know About Nurse Practitioner Programs

Getting an advanced nursing degree does not only entail hard work, it is also expensive. Having this in mind, you must first know all about different programs prior to committing to one. With the programs available for a nurse practitioner in the Internet or in a university, there are also certain parts under it.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in nursing may opt to pursue a nursing master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. The program usually takes two years. In this program, you will immediately receive your degree, regardless of whether or not you pass the nurse practitioner licensing test.

Being an entry-level degree for nurse managers and teachers of nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) will have to be taken by them, while for registered nurses it is regarded as an advanced level graduate degree. You would need to take an MSN degree before taking a doctorate in nursing. It may concentrate in one or more advanced nursing specialties such as neonatal, geriatrics, acute care, pediatric, OB-GYNE nursing, etc.

If one has no bachelor’s diploma in nursing and still wants to become a nurse practitioner then one needs to look up RN to MSN programs. This is a great option for those currently working as a CNA or LPN or those who have yet to proceed into the nursing field. With the RN to MSN degree program, you will get a master’s degree program from the same school where you got your undergraduate degree, right after completion.

Having two programs would enable the school to remove any overlapping work that nurses always have when they would go to an MSN coming from a BSN. You will also save a year from the degree duration if you take this program. For a maximum of three years you would undergo the RN to MSN nurse practitioner programs.

You are able to go directly to an MSN degree without having to get a bachelor’s degree if you already have an associate’s degree or a registered nurse diploma. When one completes the program they will be given a BS and an MSN degree by the nursing school while various programs would only promise an MSN degree. What is great here is that you may be able to have the degree in very little time.

Becoming a nurse practitioner would need you to switch goals and take an MSN program. If you have a bachelor’s degree, this may work out for you. Pupils taking liberal arts are usually in this program and it will take those two years if they decide to attain a master’s degree.

Three years minimum and four years maximum is the time taken by the direct entry MSN program. Math and communications, and other elective subjects won’t be present in this degree because you already know about them in the past degree. The basics of nursing are what you should take if you want an RN certification.

The basic format is quite similar to an Accelerated BSN program. You will get credit for the classes you have already served and then, embark into a rigid program of theory and clinical practice. Your fundamental subjects are based on the degree you posses.

Grouping nurse practitioner programs would need us to take into account a lot of considerations. Choosing between an online practitioner program or an on campus-one is a serious decision now. Check out all the programs available to make sure that the one you get is the right one for you.

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