Biyernes, Hulyo 27, 2012

Raking In the Dough: Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison and How It Works

Due to unlimited smartphone upgrades released each year, approximately 80 million phones will be sitting unused in your house. Read more and discover how you can earn money by recycling your outdated smartphone. Visiting phone recycling websites is your first step to earning as much as £150 for every recyclable smartphone.

Old phones will be taken by mobile recycling companies, which will pay you a fair amount. When you visit their websites, you can specify your phone model and they will inform you of the price they will pay. Place your phones in jiffy bags which are considered freepost.

More money can be made when you recycle your mobile phone rather than participating in some 'trade in' deals. Be warned that the phone you want to recycle can still be turned on, runs on its original battery, and still in good physical shape. Most companies would recycle the phone's charger, too.

The phone must be fully charged but switched off when you send it to the recycling area. Disable the working pin codes by searching for the 'reset factory settings' option on your phone. Most phones can be recycled, but in case you fall in the 20% chance that the phone model you have gets rejected, you will still be offered a bargain price or you can have your phone returned without additional charges.

Phone recycling comparison websites will help you decide quickly which of their best offers to accept. You can compare among a wide range of offers of used phones made by phone recycling companies and individual buyers. Get the most money by picking the best deal.

Read on to know more about how the phone recycling comparison operates. You just have to first type your phone model into the search box to find your phone. The comparison tables will give you an idea of the best offers you can get from the buyers.

If you are satisfied with the price, complete your order with your chosen mobile phone buying company. After completing the order, make sure you post your contact details and follow the instructions provided by the phone buyer to safely send your old mobile phone. You will either receive payment or a voucher as soon as the buyer receives the phone you sent.

Damaged phones will have reduced prices since they will be considered as non-working phones. Consider your phone as damaged if it has active phone locks or broken casings and no amount will be paid for phones which has blank screens and severe physical or water damage. Checking the 'damaged' box will help you search for the best rate or quote.

Cleaning up spaces is only some of the few reasons for you to dump your outdated phones. Rotting phones tend to contaminate the environment due to beryllium and cadmium batteries which are considered harmful for plant and animal life. Old phones, even if you can't profit from it, must still be disposed of properly.

Many options abound aside from comparison websites like mobile phone recycling. While they are by far the most convenient, by exerting more effort, you may even make more cash. You can reach as high as the 30% profit mark up if you offer your phone to interested buyers in Ebay. Visit this cool blog to know how to earn by mobile phone recycling.