Miyerkules, Marso 7, 2012

Is the Executive MBA Program Still a Good Idea Today?

Most of the persons in EMBAs some years back were sponsored by their companies, and were thus studying in order to contribute positively to their companies' personnel. However, majority of the participants in executive MBA program courses these days are paying for their fees themselves. Because of this, according to a top B-school, more are seeking to make a career change, whether during their program study or after graduation.

The executive MBA was not as much of a household name until fairly recently. The demand for the EMBA career program only really started a few years ago, though. A lot of people surveyed in a recent study claimed to be interested in taking their professional lives to another direction as well.

It seems that many colleges are currently being regarded by students as a place to pause while they consider shifting careers. Schools claim that they are seeing more and more of their students changing career paths during their studies. Many B-schools started by bringing in career counselling specifically to coach EMBA students, whose needs vary from those studying full-time.

Those taking the course can typically boast of having far more experience on the field than most other business students. Even so, universities need to help them move into the career path they truly desire. Still, majority of the students are complaining that their universities do not provide the help they need.

Fortunately for degree-takers, many institutions are now giving them what they want. Other career-related services are dished out by other colleges. Obviously, the services are all meant to help the students end up in the profession they desire.

Majority of the people entering the course are yet demanding more help, though. There has been an inverse proportion for the number of persons finishing the EMBA and the number of jobs available. With that said, many students take the EMBA to make connections in hope of having a change.

Most EMBA programs are hesitant to restructure and formalize career programs, thinking many companies are still willing to sponsor majority of students. However, that is now a thing of the past. Shifting careers is becoming more and more common.

There have been significant developments altering the face of the matter. More and more institutions are joining forces to help students make a career shift. Most EMBA universtities still do not provide true career programs, even so.

Some students would opt for on-campus recruiting opportunities that match students with possible employers. There are some arguments against the idea of establishments providing so much career assistance. Usually, it is argued that the people in the EMBA have a job already, and so do not require job fairs and the like.

The many types of Executive MBA program, schools say, are intended to train students, not to lead them to other jobs directly. Only a few executive MBA career services directors predict corporate sponsorship making a comeback, but the EMBAs are likely to continue looking for radical career changes. Whatever the case, the B-schools have to deal with it delicately.

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